Why Ward Brewing Solutions?

Making an outstanding beer requires superior planning, excellent brewing management, and top-notch quality control.  There are many hardware and software solutions and tools you can use to get there; but getting those systems in place with minimal interruption to your brewery requires skill and expertise.  Our consultants bring many years of brewery experience designing, building, implementing, and supporting the tools and solutions required to get you there.  We understand what it takes to get it to your customers.

What we can do for you:

Ward Brewing Solutions can help you with every step of the process, including:


  • Clarification of your brewery's needs

  • Selection of the appropriate tools/technology

  • Designing the overall solution

  • Planning and managing the project

  • Partnering with suppliers when building the solution

  • Testing and simulation

  • Implementation

  • Providing support and maintenance post-project


To give you concrete ideas of our capabilities, check out these examples of where we've helped:

Production Scheduling

This multi-year project involved the design of scheduling solutions for both brewing and packaging lines, integrating these scheduling solutions with each other, and integrating the scheduling software selected with an ERP system across multiple breweries.  The scheduling system responded to forecasted sales and discreet customer orders, fulfilled that demand with scheduled brewing production, and created production schedule reports for brewery management and operations.

Can Seam Measurements

For this client, we developed a solution to help automate the process of measuring can seams to ensure they were within acceptable limits.  Instead of using hand gauges, the project was responsible for setting up instruments that would take both external and internal measurements of package samples and validate them against specifications.  Operators would be notified if a sample was outside the specs, allowing for adjustments to the packaging equipment before serious quality issues arose.  In addition to the client/server application, a reporting application was developed so that management could easily access the results.

Barley Tracking Application
Quality Lab Data Collection

As part of a batch tracking system, we crafted a solution that could connect to laboratory instruments, get measurement data for dozens of quality tests, and associate those test results with brewing batches. This assisted brewing teams with making proactive and reactive decisions about their beer throughout the production process, from wort through packaging.

Lab Instrument Upgrades

The client had recently purchased the newest model of analytical instruments used to measure oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in a popular carbonated beverage, and needed to get them communicating with the company's quality control system.  We modified the existing custom application used to record the results from the old instruments so that it could communicate with the new model.  We also worked closely with the instrument supplier during training and implementation to make sure brewery staff were up to speed on how to use the new system.

Prior to development of this solution, barley scientists were almost exclusively using spreadsheets to manage their research data used for cultivating and analyzing new varieties.  In addition to being cumbersome, there was significant risk that data would be accidentally overwritten, changed, or even worse, lost.  We developed a solution that involved migrating the data from spreadsheets into a secure database and creating a web-based solution for data access and management.  The solution also focused on providing quick and easy ways to load new data in the system, making it as hands-free as possible.

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