Need an integration pro on your team?

What do you do when you have a great product, but neither you nor your client have the expertise to get your product communicating with your client's other systems?  Ward Brewing Solutions is ready and willing to step in and help fill the integration gap.  Whether you've already made the sale, or if you're still working on that proposal, you can count on Ward Brewing Solutions to augment your project team and help provide critical technical integration skills.  We make it our mission to know, understand, and apply the latest and greatest features of your product.  When combining that knowledge with our brewing industry expertise, you can rest assured that your customers are getting the most out of their investment.

When can Ward Brewing Solutions help?

Get in touch with us right away as soon as you realize that you need resources with the following:

  • Brewing or process manufacturing industry expertise

  • Experience integrating multiple systems, from simple to complex

  • Experience with project teams of all sizes

We can provide you a number of services, most commonly including:

  • Supplementary project staffing 

  • Sales assistance providing technical advice or proposal development

  • Project technical planning and execution

Ward Brewing Solutions has experience integrating products and instrument software from vendors such as SAP, Infor, GE, Siemens, Microsoft, CMC-Kuhnke, Hach, and many more.  Contact us today if your team needs assistance!

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